Thursday, May 26, 2011

40 day results from Hipcentric

Welp since ive been super slacking on recording my measurements and photos for you all to see. I thought I would do a 40 Day Results!! I grabbed a picture from Before i started Hipcentric, and a photo from this morning!

LEFT is before, and RIGHT is curent =) weighed in this morning at 128. total loss of 6lbs.
Current measurements are:
Arms: 9 1/2
Thighs:22.5 / 22.5
Weight 128

Pretty happy with results so far!!! I celebrated by purchasing some more Lulu goodies :) Energy Bra, Cool Racerback in Black Camo, and White willpower skirt.

Now i will say, I dont follow any diet to a T. so im totally sure my results would be alot more but.... This is only 40 days!!! =)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up :)

  2. Hi Lacey! Nice results! YOU LOOK AMAZING! Question: how do you calculate your measurements exactly? For example, for your waist, do you measure above the belly button (where you're the thinnest), or at your belly button? And when you measure your thighs, how high are you measuring? Because I've heard different things from different people in the "fitness world"... keep up the awesome work!

  3. Lacey, I'd love to hear more of the actual workout/regime. Thanks!

  4. Thanks :)
    @ Collette, I measure my waist at the smallest part. as my belly button is lower than my waist so i do not measure there. I measure my thighs at the Highest/fattest part. and hips at the widest part.

    @Judie, I do rebounder cardio for 30 mins every day, I Freestyle with moves i learned from Tracy's Youtube video found here...
    The Muscular structure work is also 30 mins long, I do it 6 days a week, with day 7 as a rest day. Theres about a 4 min long Arm section, 4-5 min ab section then about 18 min long Leg section.
    There is standing Arms, Standing Abs, Floor abs, and Floor Leg work.
    She has plenty of free videos to watch on Youtube to get a jist of what the workouts look like. It is definatly not your "average" workout routine!

  5. hey good results!! I would like to have the same results but I dont have the dvds .I 'm from Peru and I cant order it ,COuld u send me the dvds by links? pleasee! that would be awesome! my email is