Friday, May 15, 2015

TARealTime Streaming with Tracy Anderson

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Hey ladies! It's been a little while since I've posted, I have since moved from Maryland into a couple hotels, then stayed with my parents for a month before moving to Hawaii! Whew what a huge move! Military life is sometimes crazy.... Three months of traveling and hotels we are finally settled into our home!
Traveling with TA, Let me tell you Streaming has been a DREAM to travel with! I brought my Manduka Pro mat, my hand weights, and both sets of my ankle weights along with my Yoga towel, because I cannot do streaming without my faithful yoga towel! The yoga towel is so soft and makes all those leg lifts with knee twists easy! All i needed was my iPad or my Laptop and some Hotel wifi and I was good to go! No DVD's to tote around! So thankful to have a mobile workout that I can even access from my phone if I needed to.

So I'm in hawaii now, on the island of Oahu! I spent a month in a hotel down in Waikiki beach. Yes I did manage to get my TARealTime workout in every day! Today I'm on week 22 of TA Realtime, this week is 1 hour and 50 mins long. At first glance I was like whoa, this is going to be a killer! After watching it and realizing how balanced this weeks workout is, I was excited to get started.

I have one year of Tracy Anderson Streaming paid for and I am REALLY excited to see my results and where this workout will take me! I will be posting on my blog more often, I promise!

I do post nearly every day on instagram, Mostly 90% of it is Tracy Anderson & fitness related! So follow me there! Follow Me Here @Ldanee

My view of Waikiki below, Gorgeous!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My tracy anderson Fitness tracker and life planner

Hey my fellow tracy anderson addicts :) I hope you all are doing well & loving streaming as much as I am.

This blog post is about what I use to Track and plan my workouts, My meals, track my calories, steps or anything else I need to keep track of.
I heard of a company that made personalized (gorgeous) yearly planners, so I decided to go take a peak at their website absolutely shocked by the $50 price tag, I thought "goodness, I'm sure i can find something cheaper at Staples or Office Depot.... So i headed there to check out their planners. I was disappointed in their selection.... Hell i was disappointed at the selection everywhere from Target, to walmart and even the local military base exchange.
After christmas day I went back onto and saw they had come out with some new products- A "Wellness journal", and a reusable / moveable weekly meal planner with a grocery list on the back.  So i decided to make an account use the $10 off code and figured This was absolutely worth the purchase. It will help me Visually SEE what I'm eating on a weekly basis, it will help me visually see my workouts! I can even track how i feel after a certain meal, like bloating or fatigue, so i can learn to stay away from certain foods.
 If you want a $10 off coupon, click my referral link and set up an account, and a coupon will be emailed to you! HTTPS://
So lets get to the goods :) Below you will find photos of what I purchased :)

Here is the front of my Erin Condren Life planner that I customized. My name is at the bottom and a photo of my baby girl Aria Rose is on the front! The back of the planner also is in Cheetah print.

I  am actually in the middle of designing a new cover and back cover for my life planner, as I decided after i purchased it, that I REALLY want a Fitness motivational cover. So every time I pick up my Life planner to view my workouts or to write in it, I will always see something motivational to keep me on track! I also plan to print out my Before photos to Tape inside of my planner to always remind me of how hard I have worked and to keep moving forward! It will be TAM Inspired and when I am done & receive it in the mail I will gladly share it with you and the .jpg I used to personalize with incase any of you enjoy it & want to order it as well!

Inside of the life planner, I placed my Weekly Meal planner. Where I take my permeant marker and write down the dinners for the week! It wipes away easily with rubbing alcohol! On the back of the weekly meal planner is a Grocery list to write down items I need to pick up at the store! This item is easily snapped into and removed each week! 
this planner JUST came in the mail so i have no written much in it except the workout for the past two days. #TARealTime  This photo below shows what the weekly meal planner looks like when snapped into the Week. 

Now for the "Wellness Journal" I purchased this as an accessory to go inside of my Life planner. Inside there is a Pocket to set this inside! 

Below are two photos inside of the planner showing on page 1 a Progress chart, to chart your Tracy Anderson Measurements monthly! 

The next page of the wellness journal is the weekly layout. Here you can chart your water intake, Goals for the week, Your Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner & Even snacks throughout the day. There also a spot for your workout. for the day. I will be using this planner to keep a detailed journal of my Meals and workouts. I couldn't decide if I would like this Tiny wellness journal better or the life planner better. For now, I like both. 
Don't forget, If you use my referral link to create an account You will receive a $10 off code in your email to use toward your first purchase! >>> HTTPS://

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tracy Anderson real time streaming

Whoa goodness. Where do I start? 
I have been dreaming since 2009 of this day, the day Tracy Anderson would release a video of one of her classes, Not just a clip, not just a small glance into her studio, but a REAL hour long class session! When she Revamped her website and released the streaming $403 for 6 month auto renewal, or $475 for 6 months non renewal, or $90 monthly with 3 month minimum, the price struck me as much higher than any other online streaming class's available today.  (I'm also secretly hoping the price goes down....)  But then when i broke the cost down into Weekly, and Daily the classes end up costing about $3-4 a class. and who can attend ANY fitness class for $4?? I sure don't know of any! 
So I purchased the streaming, got a confirmation email immediately and it took about 5-10 mins to receive my link to log in and see the streaming. What is on her streaming website? Well you get a new intro video straight from tracy, a hour long master class, and a breakdown of the leg portion of her master class from one of her trainers. 

 The intro video from Tracy is great, It gives you a slight glimpse into her life, where she lives, where she works, her morning routine. its pretty nice to see all of that! 

The master class. Is defiantly called the master class for a reason! It is hard, You will work hard, you will sweat, and sweat A LOT! The video's are all different each week, so i will just state vaguely. The master class starts off with arms and a lot of jumping, and moves onto weighted arms. Jumping weighted arms :) It is very much cardio like, and nothing compared to her previous dvds. After all the "arm cardio" she moves onto Legs, on the floor. Legs are pretty complicated I'm not going to lie. They are tough, but in a totally fabulous My Ass and legs are gonna look HOT way :) She uses 1.5lb ankle weights, and half way through puts on a added 3lb ankle weight for certain leg movements. After the leg portion she moves onto standing abs / arms. There were no laying down abs, no crunches. Probably because A LOT of the leg work were plank based which works the abs anyways. I really recommend watching the Trainer breakdown before even watching or pre-watching the Master Class. If you want glimpses into her master class just check out my Instagram @LDanee for some clips! 

 I am really excited for this. Im excited to see the results I will get from this new streaming. Time to hang up Metamorphosis on the shelf and Ride out this Streaming as long as it's around!! As a military family(always moving), we unfortunately will never be around Tracy's studios, and this will be the closest I will probably ever get to a real class with Tracy. 

Follow me on Instagram to see my progress with streaming @LDanee  I usually post photos or videos daily on there :) 

To buy or not to buy streaming? If you are on the fence, wondering if it will be worth it since you already have Metamorphosis and continuity. Do it, Buy it! You will not regret it. I believe it is 10 steps above Continuity in difficulty, and believe the results will be fast tracked in comparison. 

If you still are not sure about it, View my clip on Youtube! < Click there. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

TAM Hipcentric level 4

Hey!! What's up :) today I started level 4! Hell yeah! A full 30 days is completed, I'm so glad I restarted! I've lost a full Jean size already and who can complain about that?? 
I've added in a space heater to my workout room! And started doing dance cardio again to switch up my cardio from her rebounder dvds. 

I also went ahead and got entire two years of continuity! 

I took my measurments this morning I weighed in at 150.8!!! (I'll edit and post tomorrow, I have a sleeping baby in my arms right now!) 
You can follow me & be my friend on fitbit if you own any of their devices... My email to add me is 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tracy Anderson metamorphosis Hipcentric level 3

Hey everyone who follows me :) today I started level 3! Woohoo
I've lost a total of 5 1/2 inches so far and 3lbs but I'm not to concerned about the scale as I'm already seeing a difference in my jeans and that's all that matters!

Starting level 3 measurements
Bust: 35 1/2
Arms: 10
Waist: 29 1/2
Belly button: 36
Hips: 40 1/4
Butt: 42 1/2
Thighs left: 24 3/4
            Right 24 1/4
Weight 151

And I have to throw out a new photo of my Aria Rose!! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Hipcentric Level 2

Hey ladies! :) Just finished Level 1 yesterday and began level 2 today!!! Woo hoo. Not gonna lie, she's kicking my ass again haha. 
Ive been doing her Rebounder cardio on my Jumpsport rebounder. I started out with 15 mins, and increased each day by 5 mins ending in 50 mins total each day. 

Well lets get to it! 
Here are my measurements starting level 2! 
November 10 2014
Level 2
Bust- 35 1/2
arms- 10 1/2
waist- 30
belly button- 35 1/2
hips- 40 1/2
butt- 42 3/4
thighs Left-25. Right- 25
Weight 153.8 
My photo today is below! 

 As you can see below my weight has fluctuated during level 1. :)

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Hipcentric Level 1

Here are my Before photos for Tracy anderson's method Metamorphosis Hipcentric. 
My Measurements are as follows :)
Level 1 =
Bust - 35 3/4
Arms- 11
Waist- 30 1/2
Bellybutton- 36 1/6
Hips- 41 3/4
Butt- 43
Thighs- Left 25. Right 25
Weight- 154 

Boom. ouch 154 is what i was when i started tracy anderson method the first time around back in 2009! Even though I just had a baby August 14th, I still feel like I could have done better through out my pregnancy. 

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